Children’s books

by Cristina Balbiano d’Aramengo

Friday 1st November until Thursday 7th November 2019
(with 1 day off during the course)
Course fee € 795,- including materials and lunches
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During this 6-day workshop we will work both on how to make new children’s books – from words to
image, from sewing to cover – as well as protecting and repairing already existing children’s books:
we will develop childproof bookbinding structures, learn how to make a protective jacket to preserve
your own favorite book from childhood, and learn how to make lasting repairs using textile collages

  • Illustration and words: introducing children’s books; visual and practical exercises.
  • Coherence between structure and content: discussing the contents of the books models and presenting new structures.
  • Making a leather binding and an experimental book.
  • The portaFIABE (Tales bearer): a book-in-progress
  • Unusual mending of damaged books: recreative repairing, collages, strengthening and casing
  • The dust jackets
  • The Collective Book

All the basic materials will be prepared by the teacher and included in the workshop fee, yet participants will be given, together with the individual tools list, a list of specific items and materials to bring, to work on the contents of their books, as well as details about old children’s books to repair/reuse.

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The course will be held in English.

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